About Me

As I am asked quite often, my name is pronounced FEE-ah-nuh, but most people call me Fi. 

I currently hold the title of Data Integration Manager, but have filled a number of roles at Willis Towers Watson over the last 8 years. While I have not held a position specifically dedicated to content writing and editing, I have consistently found myself involved in or heading up projects doing one or both. The majority of these projects have focused on development, documentation, and revision of internal standard procedures, but have also touched on customer-facing content revision.

Language comprehension, composition, and proper grammar has always come naturally to me – I always know if something is amiss in a sentence and I am compelled to fix it. Thanks to a love for detail, I am proficient in identifying inconsistencies and inaccuracies in written processes and instructions. My affinity towards the Kaizen philosophy means that I am always thinking of how things can be made easier, better, and more efficient. I also have a keen interest in tailoring content to suit the intended audience. Translating technical or difficult concepts into a format that is easily understood by those with little to no foreknowledge of the subject matter is immensely gratifying.

In short, I enjoy creating thoughtful, practical content intended to truly serve those consuming the information.